Earth Moon Stars Space Project Wiki

Earth Moon Stars Space (EMSS) is an independent, autonomous organization whose main activity is publication of the Earth Moon Stars Space art journal.

The project is currently in Prototype Phase. If Health Metrics for the Prototype reach acceptable levels, it will move into Production Phase.

Visit the art journal:

This wiki is used for management of the project.

The project owns itself and the Project Assets. You can read about the Project Finances and Business Model. There is a Project Ledger which tracks contributions.

The project is governed and stewarded by the Stewardship Committee. Governance voting rights are dynamic and proportional to project contributions to date.

The Editorial Committee is responsible for setting Contribution Standards, for defining and maintaining the tone and quality of the art journal, and for setting the Publication Calendar.

People contribute to the project in various Project Roles.

We track issues and tasks with Project Management.