Project Finances and Business Model

Also see Project Roles for ongoing contributions and Project Ledger for how contributions and income are tracked.

The project's business model is focused on generating high-quality stories and community around them. It is chartered to maximize social good, and not to maximize profit. It strives to be distributive, not extractive.

The project strives to be generally cash neutral, with a small amount of fiat currency reserves held for important immediate expenses.

Subscriber fees are paid to Peter Kaminski. The project does not yet have a favorable tax stance, so one of the expense are expected personal taxes paid by Peter Kaminski.

The primary expense is the Ghost server.

Each month, income from subscriber fees is allocated first to expenses, then a percentage (currently 30%) is held by Peter Kaminski for fiat currency reserves. 10% is donated to doing good outside the organization. Assume 10% will be paid as a contribution to an ecosystem network that provides benefits to the organization. Any remaining profit is paid to contributors per proportional contribution share to date.