Project Assets

This page lists both assets that belong to the project, and also assets that are related to it, but not necessarily owned by the project.

Assets Belonging to the Project

These assets are owned by the project and treated as "organization commons" - contributions to these assets becomes the property of the organization, and are no longer owned by the contributor, unless otherwise agreed in advance.

  • Community good will related to the project and its operation.
  • Subscriber list.
  • Trade dress of the project (e.g., website themes, issue header images), to the extent it is not already owned by other entities.
  • The compilation of stories as arranged in published issues.
  • The fiat currency reserve balance and any fiat currency debt. See also: Project Finances and Business Model.

Assets Related to but Not Owned by the Project

  • Individual stories are owned by their contributor, and licensed under CC-BY license.
  • Project name and domain name (Earth Moon Stars Space) are owned by Peter Kaminski and loaned to the project indefinitely. Either party may request renegotiation of this agreement at any time with reasonable notice.