Project Roles

Note that one person may interact with the project in more than one Role, and their contributions in each Role are typically additive to their individual contribution toward proportional governance (see Stewardship Committee) and profit sharing (see Project Finances and Business Model).


Contributors are the lifeblood of the project. They contribute the Stories which make up the art journal.


Subscribers are our audience, and our passion is to serve them with engaging and interesting stories by way of our journal.

Some of our subscribers become Paid Subscribers. Their payments provide the project's primary source of income; see Project Finances and Business Model.

Subscribers do not participate in the project's governance.


Editors serve on the Editorial Committee. Editorial work, including participating in editorial meetings, is valued at 2 Stories per hour.


Stewards serve on the Stewardship Committee, which enacts stewardship and governance. Stewardship work, including participating in stewardship meetings, is valued at 2 Stories per hour.

System Administrator

The system administrator is responsible for maintaining the publishing system (currently Ghost). System administrator contributions are valued at 2 Stories per hour of system administration work.

The current system administrator is Peter Kaminski.


The founder is Peter Kaminski.

The founder conceived and started the project, and contributed the following when they started the project:

  • 3 stories (Mr. Thompson shorter and longer versions, Harmony Revealed, and About This Prototype Issue).
  • Initial system adminstration setup work, valued at 4 stories.
  • Initial creation of the project wiki, valued at 6 stories.
  • Founder Recognition bonus, valued at 12 stories.
  • See Project Assets for details about contribution of the project's name and domain name.